Pastoral Care

One of the real gems of St. Aidan’s is our pastoral care. Pastoral care is, basically, spiritual counseling. It is confidential, non-judgmental, loving, and supportive.

There are literally thousands of reasons you might benefit from pastoral care. Are you dealing with grief, loss, or family issues? Are you thinking about changing jobs, transitioning to retirement or just feeling a general lack of meaning in your life? Do you need help figuring out what you are good at or are you unsure if you should try to find a therapist or a psychiatrist? Do you want to learn more about prayer or are you struggling with the use of drugs or alcohol? Are you dealing with coming out or have questions about your gender identity and want somewhere to process your questions in an affirming environment?

Our pastoral team would love to partner with you as you figure out these or, really, any questions. As a general rule, at our level of certification, we are limited to no more than 3 meetings per issue, but the people of St. Aidan’s offer this as a free gift to anyone. Pastoral care is entirely free and open to any human being. We can meet in person, online, or via phone,  whatever feels most comfortable. God is with you so we want to be too. 

Reach out today.

Interested in learning more about pastoral care? You can  email Rev. Les or click here to book a meeting to discuss whatever is on your mind. 

Wendy Bowser


The moment I walked in the door at St. Aidan's, I knew I had found my church home. Our clergy is amazing -- not only are they there to support us in the difficult times, but they also encourage us to step out and explore our faith, and step into ministry. 

From our conversation I felt a weight of confusion was lifted off my shoulders.  Les listened to my needs and presented clear options for relief.  I was able to have a the cloud of confusion cleared and saw a path for continuing in my life.

Mike o.

-someone in grief-