les-sermon-engagewebWelcome to Saint Aidan’s. We’re so glad that you’re here. Really, we are so honored to have you visit our website. We hope to have a chance to meet you in person soon.

The following links serve as a guide to getting to know our church better. Please feel free to contact our staff if you have any questions.

  • Welcome message from our rector, the Rev. Les Carpenter.
  • Our Staff: learn more about our dedicated staff and how to contact them.
  • Our Beliefs: Learn more about the beliefs of Episcopalians and specifically St. Aidan’s.
  • Core Values: Learn about our community’s core values.
  • Worship Services: Find out when we hold our weekly services and the differences between them, and what to expect on your first visit.
  • Ministries and Groups: Discover the opportunities at St. Aidan’s for you to express your unique talents and gifts.
  • Study: Our church is a community of spiritual learning full of question, where doubts are welcome and insight is expected.